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Forgiving your fellow countryman

There is an old song called Brotherhood of Man,that says “For united we stand
Divided we fall
And if our backs should ever be against the wall
We’ll be together, together, you and I
For united we stand
Divided we fall
And if our backs should ever be against the wall
We’ll be together, together, you and I
Why should we forgive?
It is impossible to be United if we do not practice forgiveness. I can safely say that all murders, violence, hatred and division comes from the inability to forgive others.
Look at the history of mankind. Take Cain who slew his brother because he could not abide the fact that Able had a better offering than himself. Not only did he not forgive his brother but his unforgiveness was also directed at his Creator.
Forgiveness offers the option of a clean start and a pathway to a healthy society. The division that has been sown into the hearts, minds, spirits, and souls of this nation is shameful.
Who should we forgive?
We should start with our own families. It just so happens that those who are closest to us hurt us the most. Why is that so? Probably because we have unreasonable expectations of those closest to us. When our loved ones let us down we can tend to overreact to their behavior and can even accuse them of purposely trying to inflict pain and damage to us.
Forgiveness gives us an opportunity to begin the healing process, but also gives us the unity and closeness we long for with those closest to us.
Forgive those who are different than us. Someone may be the wrong color or have the wrong color of hair. They may think differently than you. They may even be smarter than yourself or not so intellectually blessed as yourself. Forgive them. It is okay to show some humility and not only learn from others but more importantly, accept those “scary people who you don’t quite understand.
We can never hope to stand against accusation, and a concerted effort to discredit our cause. We must forgive each other for our failings so that when the truth comes out about us we have already dealt with the unfortunate failings of others and ourselves. We must defend each other. We will never defend a stranger let alone a loved one if we don’t forgive them. We can never love others whom we choose to withhold forgiveness from.

Forgiveness is a banking action which wipes out the obligation of payment of a borrower. It is given as a gift not as a leveraging tool. It is made as a gratuitous action out of principle and not out of emotional reaction. Real people of character forgive and forgive themselves.
Jesus once said, “for if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Heavenly Father forgive you your trespasses. Is forgiveness important? It seems to me that without it nothing else in one’s future is really beneficial

In conclusion, Unforgiveness divides the closest of family and friends and leaves harm and destruction in it’s path.
Forgiveness brings the most divided and hated enemies together and can make allies out of them.

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