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Support Donald J. Trump’s Promise

Promises! Promises! Promises!
President Donald J. Trump has made many promises
He is the most battled president in the history of the united states.
He is not an insider and doesn’t want to play by the rules of the elite.
The media and the DNC needs to know that their opinion is no longer relevant to the conversation. They are trying to narrate a ruse that the opinions of the common American mirrors their own convoluted and distorted views.
It is important that we support Donald J. Trump and that he gets some serious back-up. He is the man in the arena (Teddy Roosevelt’s Paris speech) we are the twelfth man, its time for the twelfth man to jump in the arena and protect the man who is attempting to drain a long tradition of cronyism, corruption, deceit, misappropriations of the citizens purse and a host of other goulash behavior.

It is important to engage in an actual show of support. Saying it in our mind or posting it on a social media site is not a substitute for a man in a fight for his life, his family’s life, and the life of the country.
The man in the arena is the executive of the country, the twelfth man is the 1st branch of our united states government.
Time to jump in the arena.

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4 thoughts on “Support Donald J. Trump’s Promise

  1. I really enjoyed our first meeting of members of our community coming together to help ‘Drain the Swamp’. There is a book on Amazon with that name (Drain the Swamp) that ‘tells all’ concerning ‘how things are done in DC.’. It’s written by a first time Congressman, Ken Buck elected in 2014. and the shocking things he found out when he arrived in DC. He learned that bills are ‘auctioned off’ to the highest bidder. He also learned that for Congressmen & women to get a seat on any committee, he, or she, must pay huge sums of money – over $200 thousand dollars. The more influential the position, generally speaking, the higher the price. I believe the person sharing information from the book said that the ‘Speaker of the House’ has to pay two & a half million for that spot. Where does the money go? It goes to the political party of the person ‘buying’ the seat!’

    1. Jesus Said the wicked do there deeds in secret (or darkness so that their works will not be exposed). It is my belief that that the only things people try to hide are either corrupt or wicked deeds. It is better to be transparent rather than foggy. (Close but not same)

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