Raising The Volume 176 Members and Counting


Our Mission:

Our Mission is to Return America Back to her Righteous Roots,

To once again root out the corruption that seems to be permeating every

facet of society from great to small.

We must Unite together and expose the hideous and evil behavior of our leaders and their institutions. And then do the right thing ourselves.

 Unite and be a strong Voice

1.) Unite As Americans not as party members. We have been divided for too long and for the benefit of the elites and their global schemes. It is time for true Americans to come together and bury the hatchet. Time to come to our senses and quit fighting with each other and start fighting with our true enemy…Corruption and those who embrace it.

2) One voice alone will not be heard, but when We the People raise ONE VOICE, it will be like thunder and lightning. .
3) If we take our God given heritage seriously and have a love and passion for what is really American, then engage at least five people who in turn will each engage five more people and those 25  who then engage five more doing this only twelve times will result in the uniting of  244million Americans.
4) Lift up your voice and fan the flames of Freedom and don’t let anyone gag you and silence you.

We must fulfill our destiny as a nation, and being good is one of the bench marks that we must strive for. Enough of the war and destruction that the corrupt politicians in office have obligated us to. This is not who we are as a Nation.