Raising The Volume 176 Members and Counting


Strength is in numbers; we are creating a movement that can impact and change how our government functions.  If each person takes responsibility for recruiting just five people and helping to train them, we can become a massive number.  5 to the twelfth power is over 244 million people!   We can include more than 75% of the entire country. If we each do our part we can become the largest unified voice on earth.

Our objectives:

1) Support Donald Trump
2) Become united by forgiving one another (if there is someone you have not forgiven then you must take the time to forgive that person. It could be someone from a different political party, family, friends, or enemies) Forgiveness is the key to making headway in unity
3) Turn back to God and take responsibility for our own bad behavior and change our ways. Family, friends, strangers and enemies.
4) Hold our government accountable.
5) We can return to government of the people, by the people, for the people only if we are enough that raise our voice as one.

If the Titanic is sinking and we are minding the gold, what should we do continue to take care of the gold because of it’s great value? Should we wait the tables of the important guests that we are serving? Should we stand guard over the over the cooks and servants? Or should we drop what we are doing and run to find out how we can help to fix the leak. We each have duties that are very important like feeding our family, taking care of our house mortgage, If the nation is sinking it does not matter what our present duty is, because our present duties will sink with the ship, But a rip in the ship supersedes almost all other duties, We rush to the aid of those who are trying to fix the whole. When the captain of the ship calls for all hands on deck it’s an emergency. I feel that call has gone out and that if we don’t respond each one to this call the ship will go down with out so much as a fanfare given in the midst of an uncompassionate world. Our nation needs us and the responsibility that was started by our forefathers, was crafted in such a way that passes the batten of governmental responsibility from generation to generation. What we have consented to by reason of our silence has given credence to the narrative that only important branches of the US government is the executive branch, judicial branch, and legislative branch. What we have failed to embrace or maybe have been too busy increasing our financial power, or personal clout in this world. It may that we are just lazy government officials, detached from our civil duties and populist responsibilities.

What we have failed to recognize is that we are the “Main Branch” of the US government. Or “The First Branch of Government” We cannot afford to wait for another generation to come and expedite the actions we neglected to implement. By the time another generation comes they may already be slaves to the elites and the religious left PC and PP crowd.
It is our duty, nay our honor to leave a future for our children. Some are convinced that we must do nothing, Yet are glad when others seem to find the courage to stand strong in the face of opposition. They are quick to enjoy the labors of others will not lift a finger to the task at hand. An old saying used by the older generations was “Many hands make light work” . We have had some very bold people who came before us. I used to wonder how did they do it and why did they do it. Unless you have a fire inside you for this country and your offspring’s future, it would be useless to try and explain it.

Here is the general protocol for signing someone up

1) Try to know as best as you can the persons you help to engage in this honorable task. Be it business, church, extra curricular activity, neighbor or relative.
2) It is imperative to stress the need to recruit others by explaining to each person you invite that they also provide at least five people they can invite to join.
3) Without exemption anyone  belonging to a secret society i.e. Masonic group, skull and bones, Scottish rights, Sons of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Templar and so forth, are not welcome in this grassroots movement. In order for them to join they must renounce their associations and reaffirm their allegiance to God, countrymen and family. Also, they must provide proof of their decision
5) Help each person you invite to sign up at the website  (it will be counted and instantly )
6) Stay in contact with those you invite and help to lead each other to a more active lifestyle.