Raising The Volume 176 Members and Counting

1st Campaign

Step One. Engage in the most important battle Americans must defend in… The battle to end the destruction of fellow Americans in the womb of a woman. Stop the Holocaust campaign. End Abortion. We need you to engage your fingers into joining up on this web site. Click the Join button and take 10 minutes to join. Please donate at least the cost of a Starbucks coffee to the cause of the unborn. Every single resource we bring to this conflict will be preciously appreciated. Especially by the beneficiaries…tiny babies that will grow up into grateful adults. We must stop this culture of murder and death to the innocent.

100 Million voices to say no to the slaughter of babies. Time to stand up and say no. Join NOW for the sake of our fellow Americans. We can end abortion and we will. Lets all try not to be Johnny-come-lately to this show. There are too many lives at stake. Every year we spend in complacency, another 300,000 babies meet their untimely end.